Dr. Daniel Richter, DC – Success Story! “Even after x-rays, MRIs and CTs, hospital Emergency Room still suspects ligament damage in 9 year old boy”

  • January 7, 2014

“Even after x-rays, MRIs and CTs, hospital Emergency Room still suspects ligament damage in 9 year old boy”

Phillip was brought into our office at Brooklyn Accident & Injury Center to see Dr. Daniel Richter for an evaluation and treatment following a car accident. He was riding home from school on the school bus when the bus was T-boned while going through an intersection. Phillip reported neck pain and a headache at the scene so he was transported to the Emergency Room via ambulance. While there, he had a x-ray of his neck, a CT scan of his head and neck and also a MRI of his neck. The MRI was negative (showed nothing) and the x-ray showed some straightening of the curve in his neck. The CT indicated some slight swelling but was otherwise inconclusive. The Emergency Room doctor suspected ligament damage based on Phillips complaints but released him to go home and advised his father to follow up with another doctor if he didn’t get better soon.

Less than a week later Phillip’s father contacted our office and brought him in for care. After evaluation and reading through his hospital records, a Digital Motion X-Ray of his neck was performed. Digital Motion X-Ray showed 8 major supporting ligaments all being damaged in the same part of his neck. While we were quite surprised by the extent of ligament damage, it all made sense when he described how the accident happened.

The patient stated that he was looking to the side at the time of impact. He did not see the accident coming and since there are no seat belts on the bus, he was thrown head first into the seat in front of him and his neck snapped to the side with all his body weight jamming into him.

Although scared, both Phillip and his father were glad to understand the extent of his injuries and actually be able to see them on the video. He asked if our treatment of Phillip would change based on this new information. We explained knowing the location and exact ligaments damaged would greatly affect our treatment and how we proceed in the future. Unfortunately, ligament injuries are permanent. The ligaments don’t grow back and once they are “overstretched” or torn, this changes the physiology and biomechanics of the injured joints….

Digital Motion X-Ray helped us not only diagnose Phillip’s exact injuries but also confirmed what the Emergency Room doctor suspected but didn’t know how to test for. We find this quite commonly in car accidents because many doctors are not yet aware of Digital Motion X-Ray technology. They love it once they know it’s here but you can’t assume all doctors have heard of it.

And yes, it does make a difference in how you treat the patient once you know where they do/don’t have ligament damage.

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