Dr. Daniel Richter, DC – Success Story! “Seeing my Digital Motion X-Ray showed me why I was having neck pain and headaches.”

  • January 7, 2014

“Seeing my Digital Motion X-Ray showed me why I was having neck pain and headaches.”

Jane was a 20 year-old girl who came Brooklyn Accident & Injury Center to see Dr. Daniel Richter for treatment after she lost control of her car on an icy road and injured her neck. After reviewing her past medical records, it was noted regular x-rays and a MRI study showed no abnormal findings in her neck. Jane was convinced there was a problem because she had been having constant headaches for weeks which she never had before the accident. Because other doctors said her tests were negative, they weren’t convinced she was injured.

Dr. Richter evaluated Jane and immediately noticed signs of ligament damage in her neck. She had popping and clicking with movement, her pain was localized to the back of her neck and the headaches got worse with any downward pressure on her head. Her neck also felt weak and like it would “give out”.

A Digital Motion X-Ray was performed and confirmed ligament damage in Jane’s neck at multiple levels. We now knew why she was having the constant headaches and pain. We adjusted her treatment plan and gave her specific exercises she could do at home. Within 3 months, her headaches had mostly gone away and she was back to doing just about everything she was able to do before the accident. She still had some flare-ups from time to time and some minor limiations but she was able to return to school, resume sports and working out. Her biggest relief was understanding her injuries so she could avoid making her neck pain and headaches worse. Returning to school and an active lifestyle was great for her confidence. In fact, she just got a job with her new degree! Congratulations Jane!

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