Helping You – the Patient – Find the Best Injury Practitioners for YOU

The mission of Injury+ is pretty simple – we seek to promote “best practices” in injury care and legal representation.

More simply, we seek to help you – the patient – find the right injury practitioners for YOU.

Towards that end, we encourage, wherever possible or applicable, the adoption of visually-oriented diagnostic procedures … and in particular, MOTION-based diagnostic procedures – procedures which help you actually SEE the source of your pain IN MOTION.  We seek to encourage these types of procedures wherever possible or applicable.

Here are a just few examples of visually-oriented diagnostic procedures which can help you really get to the heart of your injuries:

  • Motion X-ray
  • CRMA – Computer-Assisted Radiographic Mensuration Analysis (aka, measurements of abnormal joint play as seen on plain film X-rays, digital X-rays, and Motion X-Rays, etc.)
  • Quad Video HALO™
  • Other visually-oriented diagnostic procedures

Keep in mind, however – ultimately, it is the relationship between you and your trusted injury practitioner that matters most.  Also,  just because a particular practitioner does not appear on our site doesn’t mean that that practitioner isn’t highly-qualified to diagnose or treat your condition or to provide legal representation to you.

Our site is simply designed to be a helpful resource to you.

Injury+ … helping you – the patient – find the right injury practitioners for YOU.