Keith-smallInjury Practitioners – Here Are Your Steps for Joining and Benefitting From Injury+’s New Online Business / Professional Community … a Community Whose Purpose is Ultimately to Help People Who’ve Been Hurt or Injured in Accident

by Keith Pendleton, JD, Health Care Business Consultant   |
Last Revised:  January 11, 2014

Main point of this article – This week, Injury+ launched a first-of-its-kind business / professional community for helping injury practitioners, staff, and billing companies cultivate Best Injury Practices for the benefit of individuals who’ve been hurt or injured in accidents.  This new private community supplements Injury+’s Free Forms Library.  This article briefly describes how injury practitioners, staff, and billing companies can join and participate in the new community.

This week, Injury+ announced the latest development in helping injury practitioners and staff achieve great results through the cultivation of Best Injury Practices – a private online community under the title, “Best Injury Practices ~ Accident-Injury Cases.”

The purpose of the private community is to provide a place where health care practitioners and staff can post questions and get answers on just about any business or professional issue, including the use of the forms in the new Free Forms Library.

The new community is being hosted on a Google+ platform which means that health care providers, staff, and billing companies (AMBA members) who wish to benefit from this new resource will need to first set up a Google+ account (which is free and easy to do) and then to add Injury+ to one or more of their “circles” – i.e., “follow” the company.

The announcement follows the release of a video by Injury+ – Maximizing the Value of the Free Forms Library – a resource which has been posted on the Injury+ site in the Free Forms Library section.

This new video explains how crucial a Google+ account is becoming in the quest to rank high on Google search engine results.

Health care practitioners, staff, and billing companies (AMBA members) who wish to benefit from this latest development should follow these general steps.

Steps to Joining & Benefiting from the Best Injury Practices Community:

1.  STEP 1 – Set up a Google+ profile or page or both (please note:  please include sufficient information to help us verify that you are a health care practitioner, or a staff member or billing company that works for a health care practitioner).

2.  STEP 2 – Create a circle in Google+ – call it Injury+ or InjuryPLUS if you wish.

3.  STEP 3 – “Add” Injury+ to your circle.  Here’s a link to Injury+’s Google+ page.

4.  STEP 4 – Contact Injury+ by email … request that Injury+ send you an invitation to join the new community.

Keep in mind – various limits and restrictions apply to the new community which are beyond the scope of this article.

Keith Pendleton, JD is a health care attorney and business consultant.   His most recent achievements include helping to launch Injury+, the Free Forms Library for health care practitioners, and also the “Injury Resource Initiative,” an alliance of industry stakeholders committing to developing and promoting Best Injury Practices for the benefit of those who’ve been hurt or injured in an accident, or who are in pain from an accident.  Keith can be reached at (855) 224–3295.

The mission of Injury+ is to help people find “Knowledgeable Injury Practitioners”™ while at the same time help chiropractors, doctors, providers, and attorneys achieve optimum results through Best Injury Practices.