Keith-smallInjury+ Unleashes Success Story Marketing … and at the Same Time, an Outreach System for Helping Practitioners Grow Their Injury Practices

by Keith Pendleton, JD, Health Care Attorney |
Last Revised: March 12, 2014
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Main Point of This Article is to Introduce Injury+’s Model Success Story Authorization Form … and at the Same Time, Various Online Marketing Strategies Revolving Around the Use of the New Form.   

Injury Practitioners:

The rules of online marketing have radically changed.

Many online marketing consultants will now tell you that the key to online marketing today is (a) creating / upgrading your Google+ presence and (b) developing unique and valuable content.  Note:  Recently Injury+ loaded a 19-minute video in its Free Forms Library (“Maximizing the Value of the “Free Forms Library”) which explains how Google+ is transforming the online marketing world.

One of the most valuable forms of content boils down to something that many of you do already, but may not be harnessing like you could be — compiling and publishing your Success Stories.

To demonstrate how valuable such success stories can be in your marketing, launch the following search in Google — Dr. Steve Arne Minnetonka MN (clicking on the link will automatically launch the Google search).  In most States and regions, when this particular search is currently conducted (at least at this particular time), we are witnessing nearly 60% of Google search results appearing on Page 1 showing hits to Success Stories published by Dr. Steve Arne via the Injury+ marketing vehicle.

To make this process easier, recently, Injury+ developed a Model Success Story Authorization Form for compiling and editing your patient testimonials (written or video) in a HIPAA-informed manner and for maximum portability and usefulness.

A copy of the Model Success Story Authorization Form is available here.

One of the most powerful aspects of the Model Authorization Form is the way that it enables practitioners and their agents to amend the success story to include pertinent information relating to the underlying condition and also to the diagnostic procedures and care which were utilized.

On a related note, on Monday Injury+ announced two new marketing modules which are included in its base collections-marketing package. More information on the “New Upgraded Offer to DCs” can be found in the Free Forms Library.

The first marketing module includes Success Story publication via the Injury+ marketing vehicle.

The second marketing module includes a very simple and powerful Primary Care Clinician Outreach system.  This system leverages the Success Stories and other content published via Injury+.  The system leverages an approach which an Injury+ doctor has used over the past 1.5 years to grow his injury practice 15x.  If you are interested in learning more about these two modules, check out the New Upgraded Offer to DCs in the Free Forms Library, or feel free to call me at 855-224-3295.

I will also be discussing these topics in my upcoming 4-part webinar series which commences Thursday, March 27 at 1pm EST / 12pm CST. You can reserve your seat for this powerful series on the Events Page of Injury+.

I hope this information is helpful to you.

Injury+ represents a joint collections-marketing platform for injury practitioners committed to best injury practice standards. Primary target audiences include patients and primary care clinicians.  More information on Injury+ can be found in the company’s Free Forms Library (“New Upgraded Offer to DCs”). Injury+ recently forged an alliance with the International Chiropractors Association and will soon be announcing alliances with other standards development organizations.