Patients, want to actually SEE the cause of your pain?

Did you know that one of the most common causes of neck, back, and joint pain boils down to abnormal “looseness” between the vertebrae in the spine or joints in the body?

This abnormal looseness – let’s call it “abnormal joint play” – can commonly arise from “stretches” or “tears” to the ligaments which hold the joints together.  Even mild stretches – such as those arising from low-impact or low-speed automobile accidents – can result in abnormal joint play, and ultimately pain.  Such ligament injuries are permanent.  Think of it this way – when it comes to the ligaments, “Once Stretched, Always Stretched.”

Just like “Instant Replay” in sports, Motion X-ray can help you, your provider, and your attorney to better assess and actually SEE abnormal joint play… and from different angles!  So if you don’t see the play from one angle, you might from another!

But the benefits of Motion X-ray don’t stop there.

Increasingly, Knowledgeable Injury Practitioners are beginning to use Motion X-ray to diagnose and demonstrate:

  • “Fixed” joints – joints which aren’t moving as they should
  • “Malaligned” or “Malpositioned” joints (referred to by some chiropractors as joint “subluxation”)
  • “Abnormal curvature” of the spine (e.g. such as that caused by “Scoliosis”)
  • “Hairline” fractures – which can sometimes be difficult to detect through existing technologies
  • All sorts of spine- or joint-related conditions resulting in pain


There is a saying that “motion improves acuity (aka, eyesight).”  In fact, just as a hawk or eagle looks for abnormal motion in the field or stream to detect what it’s looking for, Motion X-ray can help your provider detect abnormal conditions that static procedures simply can’t.

We encourage you to learn more about Motion X-ray from a Motion X-Ray Center or Knowledgeable Injury Practitioner today.

Did you know that “abnormal joint play” arising from traumas – even minor accidents – is one of the most common causes of musculoskeletal pain? Like “Instant Replay” in sports, Motion X-Ray helps you actually SEE the “play” and from multiple angles. If you don’t see the play from one angle, sometimes you can see it from another. It could fundamentally change your life.”


Dr. Verrill Scwantes, DC
Co-Founder, Injury+