Choose your injury practitioner carefully.

If you or a loved one has been involved an accident, and you want to know more about the internal injuries you may have sustained – including minor injuries – it pays to carefully choose your health care providers and attorneys.

We especially recommend that you seek out practitioners who are familiar and comfortable with Motion X-Ray, especially when it comes to ligament “stretches” and “tears.”

Ligament “stretches” and “tears” are among the most common conditions to arise in accident situations.

Other types of internal injuries can sometimes/commonly include, e.g., ● hairline fractures  ● disc injuries  ● brain concussions  ● fixed joints  ● malaligned or malpositioned joints  ● other types of internal injuries.

Keep in mind – not all practitioners are necessarily familiar with today’s technologies for detecting, “sizing up” and validating such internal injuries, or licensed to perform diagnostic or treatment procedures relating to such internal injuries.

Which is why we encourage you to choose your injury practitioners carefully.

The purpose of Injury+ is to serve as an injury support service and to help you locate Knowledgeable Injury Practitioners, in your area.

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It could fundamentally change your life.