Why we promote “Motion X-ray” and other visually-based diagnostic procedures –
medical perspective

When it comes to internal accident injuries, Injury+ is committed to promoting the use of visually-oriented diagnostic procedures wherever possible or applicable.

In particular, we seek to promote diagnostic procedures which entail the use of motion or motion technology.  An example of Motion X-ray is Digital Motion X-ray® manufactured by DMX Works, Inc (Palm Harbor, FL), but there may be other examples as well.

The truth is that we live in a highly-visual society.  More than that, we live in a video society.  People get video.  video changes the way we look at things.

Our commitment, however, doesn’t just stop with visually-oriented diagnostic procedures.  Injury+ is committed to promoting various forms of injury care – conservative and non-conservative – guided by the use of such technology where appropriate.

Examples of conservative care include chiropractic, physical therapy, and various other physical medicine modalities and therapies as applicable.

As time progresses, we will be publishing Success Stories entailing the use of visually-oriented diagnostic procedures, and in particular, the use of Motion X-Ray.

If you are a provider who is familiar with Motion X-Ray, or are otherwise committed to excelling in the accident injury arena… if you are a primary care clinician who is looking for Knowledgeable Injury Practitioners… we invite you to learn more about our Knowledgeable Practitioner Program today.

It could fundamentally change the patient’s life.

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